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Matrimonial BrideSeptember 12, 2014
27/5'5", AGGARWAL girl w/strong Indian values, smart, charming, caring. B.Tech (IT) educated, presently doing MBA in Cleveland, Ohio. Invite suitable matrimonial proposals. Email biodata w/recent photo:
BENGALEE Hindu, USA educated, 36/5'2", fair, slim, beautiful, MBA, vegetarian, Indic values, Federal Govt manager, accomplished, never married. Suitable groom around Washington, DC desired. Email biodata /recent photo:
CULTURED, distinguished, Punjabi, Sikh family seek well-settled, accomplished, educated professional, age 35-42; for pretty, slim, accomplished, 36/5'5'', finance professional girl. Email biodata w/recent photos:
GUJARATI Patel parents invite correspondence for USA born daughter, 32/5’31/2” tall, slim, beautiful, doctor. Caste no bar. Please email biodata & recent photograph:
GUJARATI Patel parents invite correspondence for USA born daughter, slim, beautiful, 36 years/5’7”, tall, doctor. Please email biodata and recent photograph to:
HINDU parents for physician daughter practicing in Chicago, 30yrs/5'5'', beautiful, talented, slim, born and raised in US. Email with biodata and picture:
MATCH for MD specialist, 36/5'4'', never married, slim, cheerful, vibrant. Early marriage. Email biodata/ with recent photo to:
SEEKING a suitable match for daughter M.D., US born and raised of Punjabi, Hindu descent. She's 5'3", slim, fair, beautiful, looks ten years younger. Is sophisticated, refined with balanced Indian and American values. Well settled in California, was briefly married with no issues. Young man, of up to 46 years, must be raised and educated in USA of similar education or be highly educated, successful, established businessman. Email biodata w/recent photo:
SINDHI parents seek match for US born daughter, very pretty, fair and smart. Final year in Law School. 
25yrs/5'6inches. Inviting alliances from professional boys, preferably in the US. Please email recent photo and biodata:
SOUTH Indian Brahmin parents invite alliance for attractive daughter, MBA Finance
Ivy League, 30 yrs/5'3”, vegetarian, born raised USA. Email biodata w/recent picture:
TELUGU Family looking for an educated, well-settled, US citizen groom; from  NY/NJ/CT/PA area for 34yr daughter, well-settled, works/lives in Manhattan, New York.
Email  with recent photo/bio:
WE invite correspondence from compatible matches for our daughter, American born and raised, ivy league educated, 40 years old, investment banker with major international firm. Never married. Professional family, well-established in the US. Email biodata w/recent photo:
AGGARWAL girl, attractive, US citizen, 25/5’4'', BS, lab technician. Email biodata/ photo
BEAUTIFUL, slim, Punjabi girl, 35/5'3”. Permanent resident. Caste no bar. Email bio/recent photo:

GUJARATI MD physician daughter, 34 NY/NJ. Email:
HINDU parents seek professional match for daughter, NY based accountant,. 32/5'1''. Please email photos & biodata:
NI Scandinavian doctor, 34/5’6”, Harvard & Oxford, fair, widely travelled, sense of humor, owns high profile properties; seeks similar, tall, highly educated match.
PROPOSALS invited for Hindu-Punjabi daughters, 23 and 30; slim, beautiful, US citizen. Suitors should be aged, 23-27 and 29-35, with college education; postgraduate degree not required.
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