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Matrimonial BrideJuly 25, 2014
A PUNJABI family invites correspondence for US born & raised daughter, 25yrs/
5’ 5”, Physician in her 1st year of residency in Internal Medicine; from Tristate area Physicians. Email biodata w/recent photo:
AGGARWAL parents seeking match for 26 yr/5’2”, daughter raised in the US. Law graduate working in the family business. Looking for a US citizen. Email bio/recent photo:
BENGALI Hindu physician parents invite alliance for US born lawyer daughter, 35/5’2”, employed in New York City; from professionals w/family values from Tristate area. Email biodata /recent photo:
CHRISTIAN family, doctor father, invites correspondence, for single slim, and attractive, U.S citizen daughter, MBA, 29 yrs/5’9”. Lives in California. Can relocate. Seek well-educated tall
(above 5.10”) male.
Email CV with recent photo:
GUJARATI parents invite correspondence for USA born lawyer daughter, 31/5'6'' tall, slim, beautiful, outstanding with cultural & family values. Email biodata w/recent photo:
GUJARATI Patel parents invite correspondence for USA born daughter, 31/5’-31/2” tall, slim, beautiful, doctor. Caste no bar. Please email biodata & recent photograph:
HINDU professional parents seek a US based Hindu, Vegetarian, Masters/Dr. professional for their talented, fair, self made Engineer,  US citizen daughter, 26/5'3”, working in IT at NJ. 
Email photo/biodata:
HINDU Punjabi Brahmin, 33yrs old, professional employed in Toronto, well-versed in Indian culture and family oriented. Vegetarian, healthy lifestyle. Looking for suitable, professional, caste no bar. Please email with complete biodata & recent picture:
HINDU Sindhi parents of well-educated, good-looking girl, 39yrs, greencard holder, permanent resident US, invite correspondence; from well-settled Hindu professionals,
40-50yrs.. Email biodata
w/recent photo:
NRI Catholic parents settled in Dubai inviting proposal for their daughter (innocent divorcee w/no issues & annuled from the church) 31yrs/5.3" .MIB, born & brought up in Dubai, currently involved in family business in the UAE, inviting suitable alliance from parents of financially sound, well qualified & well placed Catholic boys.
Phone+ 971564640392
REPUTABLE, well-educated Hindu family seeking alliance for 38/5’2”, slim, beautiful, talented, versatile, doctor daughter from professionals with good education and high family values.
SEEKING qualified Hindu boy, working in USA; for 26 years/5'4”, Kayasth girl, fair, beautiful, chemical engineer from UMN, currently studying at Harvard.
Send biodata/ photo to:
Hindu MD parents seek a well-educated, handsome, tall, professional with balanced values for their beautiful, very fair, slim, US citizen daughter, 32/5'2”, working in finance in NYC. Email photo/biodata:
SOUTHERN US based parents invite proposals for daughter, 23/5’4”/110, fair & very pretty, smart with perky personality, recent college graduate.
US settled SI Brahmins invite alliances for 36 yrs/5'3", daughter working as instructional designer in Georgia. Contact (229) 894-7334.
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