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Matrimonial BrideSeptember 23, 2016
FATHER seeks only serious correspondence for beautiful, fair, slim, single, healthy, vegetarian Rajput girl, 5'5'', Nov. 1965 born, (looks younger), strong moral values, working as Special Education Teacher in US, comes from a very respectable family.
GUJARATI Patel parents invite correspondence for US born, 33 yrs daughter, MBA, beautiful, never married, vegetarian, non-smoker. Seeking well-educated, US born/raised professional boy. Email biodata/ w/recent photo:
GUJARATI well-established Vaishnav parents invite correspondence from Gujarati families; for well-educated, citizen daughter, 1982/5’4”, Engineer, very good-looking w/family values. Email biodata/recent photo:
(847) 863-4065
HINDU parents seeking suitable professionals for beautiful, caring, slim, U.S. born  physician daughter, 31/5'8". Please email biodata with recent photo:
HINDU parents seeking well-educated match for v attractive, slim, US raised, US citizen, never married, daughter, 43/5'3", IT manager in DC. Email biodata w/recent photo:
NORTH Indian  Doctor parents seeking Hindu groom residing in U.S., highly educated, well-placed professionals; for U.K. born/raised, never married daughter, 37/5'3", slim,. v.fair, beautiful, MBA, DC based; can relocate in US; issueless divorcees welcome. Email biodata/photos:
PARENTS invite well-settled grooms Sikhs/Hindus from NY or east coast for US born daughter , 33/5'4", an attorney in NY. Pic/bio at:
PARENTS seeking alliance for their USA born and raised beautiful daughter, never married, degree from NYU/ Stern, Banker, 1984/5’6”; from well-educated Hindu USA citizen. Email biodata/ recent photo:
SOUTH Indian Hindu parents invite correspondence from US born professionals, 35-38 for US born daughter, 35, slim, pretty MBA, vegetarian, well-settled family, father Physician. Email biodata w/ recent photo:
SOUTH Indian Hindu Physician family seeking US born & raised groom; for their Physician daughter, born & educated in California, beautiful, 31 yrs/5’4”/115 lbs. working as Hospitalist. Bio/ recent photo:
TELUGU family looking for an educated, well-settled, US citizen/GC groom  for 36yr daughter, well-settled, works in New York. Email  with recent photo/biodata:
US based Bihar Hindu Kayastha physician family seeking suitable physician/ professional match; for beautiful US born physician daughter, 27/5’3”. North Indian Kayastha and Brahmin groom preferred. Please send biodata with recent photo to:
WELL-SETTLED Uncle seeks Professional match for beautiful, slim, 37/5'10", never married Dentist/MPH niece. Caste no bar. Email biodata with recent photograph to:
PQM for green card holder from affluent family v. fair, slim girl, 30/5’2” yrs, Chem Engineer/ UC Berkeley, MBA/ Insead, working leading consultancy MNC making 150/200k based SFO. Email
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