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Matrimonial BrideNovember 28, 2014
FAMILY from Odisha, seeking match for daughter, 28/5'1'', slim, US born, schooling in Delhi, college in US, Fellow of Society of Actuaries, working in NY. Caste no bar. Email biodata with photo to:
GUJARATI Patel parents invite correspondence for USA born daughter, slim, beautiful, 36 years/5’71/2”, tall, doctor. Please email biodata and recent photograph to:
GUJARATI Patel parents invite correspondence for USA born daughter, 32/5’3”, tall, slim, beautiful, doctor. Caste no bar. Please email bio data & recent photograph:
Hindu Punjabi family invite alliance for USMD daughter 29/ 5'5'', beautiful, slim, well cultured, final year resident in New York from professionals from Tristate area.
Email biodata & recent photo:
SOUTH INDIAN parents seeking alliance for their daughter, 38/5'2'', very pretty, caring, best of east/west values, living in Dallas, TX. Owns a consulting firm dealing with family crisis and child protective services. Email biodata & recent photo:
WELL-ESTABLISHED Hindu Punjabi parents seek professional match, for 24yr/5'7", beautiful, cultured, US raised daughter pursuing Masters at a top university. Email biodata & recent photo:
HINDU parents invite alliance for US born professional daughter, 31, employed in Texas. Email bio/photo:
MATCH for beautiful, fair, slim, never-married, younger looking US born daughter, 41/ 5’5”. Has biomedical Ph.D. and manager in a well-known company. Email biodata & recent photograph to:
NY based Sikh parents seek match for US born daughter, 1978/5'3", V.pretty, fair, slim, smart & young looking. MS, biotech professional. Biodata/photo :
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