• By Sheila Kohler

When Krystal Sital’s grandfather Shiva Singh suffers a cerebral hemorrhage, her grandmother Rebecca, after 53 years of marriage, reacts with calm indifference. Sital, who reveres her tall, strong and generous grandfather, with his white hair and “skin the color of a sapphire sky,” spends much of her suspenseful memoir, “Secrets We Kept: Three Women of Trinidad,” elucidating this response.

Five authors of Indian origin are in the running for a one-off special Golden Man Booker Prize to mark the literary award’s 50th anniversary this year: V.S. Naipaul for his 1971 winner “In a Free State”; Salman Rushdie for “Midnight’s Children” (1981); Arundhati Roy for “The God of Small Thi…

Larry Pressler, the former United States senator whose long service in Congress was dominated by his untiring efforts to curb a nuclear arms race in South Asia, looks back in anger and disillusionment in a new book describing in rich detail how successive administrations in Washington failed to fend off an army of corporate and military lobbyists.

Written by Aslam Parvez, a poet himself, "The Life and Poetry of Bahadur Shah Zafar" focuses upon various known anecdotes from the life of the late Mughal ruler and succeeds in maintaining an admirable balance between the political, personal and literary aspects of Zafar.

Few Indian classical dancers have risen to such fame and glory as the widely-adored Sonal Mansingh. A recent biography attempts to capture the life and times of this classical dancer and lives to tell the many known tales of her illustrious life.