Romney’s impeachment vote backfires on Utah’s ‘Green Card Giveaway’ push: Breitbart

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) talks to reporters at the Capitol before the start of the day's session of the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in Washington on Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020. (The New York Times)

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney’s vote to impeach President Donald Trump, viewed as a threat to GOP’s Senate majority, has created a new problem for Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s controversial S.386 bill, dubbed as green card giveaway bill.

The passage of the bill via the fast track Unanimous Consent rule has been blocked several times by the GOP and Democratic Senators. Lee is pushing his S.386 green card giveaway bill, in part, because the state’s political and business establishment is betting imported Indian H1-B workers will jump start the state’s version of Silicon Valley.

Lee’s S.386 bill is important because it would dramatically expand the incentives for many Indian graduates to migrate into college graduate jobs throughout the United States, including into Utah’s so-called “Silicon Slopes,” according to a report.

The Feb. 2 report said the promise of more cheap labor explains why the bill is being pushed by Utah’s two senators, four federal representatives, the state’s governor, and many local business groups — and also by India’s government.

It said if S.386 passes, the flood of Indians will drop salaries for American graduates and will push many out of good jobs and careers — and politically, towards the Democratic party.

Utah’s planned Indian workforce is also expected to extract white collar jobs from other states, such as Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky.

Romney’s negative vote will not get a good reaction in Utah, Lee told Fox News. “There will be some people who will be happy about it: They might be called ‘Democrats.’”

The S.386 bill seeks to release a huge pool of Indian labor to work in the U.S.The Breitbart report claimed this inflow of Indian workers has displaced hundreds of thousands of American professionals and is moving Indian managers into top positions throughout the U.S. business sector. “This replacement has caused much bitterness among many American professionals, partly because of evidence that Indians discriminate in favor of other Indians, openly and without fear,” it said.

The huge inflow of visa workers helped to turn Virginia and New Jersey blue, partly because U.S. college graduates are more likely to vote Democratic when they live alongside immigrants. “Yet Lee’s S.368 bill is stuck amid diverse opposition from GOP and Democratic members,” it noted. Breitbart said Utah’s business agenda is a threat to the GOP caucus, mostly because it would spur immigration of replacement college-graduate workers, and would alienate displaced college-graduate voters.

The report said the push is also backed by the state’s top technology company, Adobe Systems Inc. The company is run by Indian-born Shantanu Narayen, who is also a top member of the U.S. India Strategic Partnership Forum that lobbies U.S. and Indian officials “to make the case for the free flow of skilled labor in both countries.”

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