Several Indian American 'Trailblazers' among Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ List

Several Indian-Americans are included in this year’s Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ list which chronicles “the brashest entrepreneurs across the United States and Canada.” The list features 600 trailblazers “who are shaking up some of the world’s stodgiest industries.”

Once again, the youngest among the Indian Americans is 14-year-old Gitanjali Rao of Lone Tree, Colorado, who was named in the Science Top 30. Rao took the top prize in the 2017 Young Scientist Challenge for a device that is capable of finding lead in drinking water with the aid of a mobile app. She’s currently working to refine and commercialize her device.

The list also includes Meghana Bolimpalli, 18, winner of the 2018 Intel Foundation Young Scientist award. Also on the Energy Top 30 is Stanford University undergrad Dhruvik Parikh, another 2018 Intel Young Scientist award winner.

The Energy list also includes Weave Grid cofounder Apoorv Bhargava, Lynx Resource Partners cofounder Raj Mistry, Rengen Technologies founder Kishor Nayar, Welligence cofounder Neel Seth and Verd2GO founder Sunny Sanwar.

Sanil Chawla, 19, a sophomore at the University of Southern California, is the youngest to be included on this year’s Education Under 30 list. Forbes says he “was frustrated that he couldn’t incorporate his own business as a legal minor. He’s wasted no time complaining and instead has used his nonprofit Hack+ to provide legal and financial infrastructure and help launch 50 student organizations in just a year.”

He is joined on the list by The Institute for College Access & Success Program and operations coordinator Neha Dalal, Teachable founder Ankur Nagpal, PreMed HQ cofounders Shad Chaudhury and Abhishek Kumar and Make A School cofounder Ashutosh Desai.

The Consumer Technology List includes: Eazevice president of growth, analytics and strategy Shri Ganeshram; Genies cofounder Akash Nigam; Ubiquity6 cofounder Ankit Kumar; Instagram product manager Hamel Shah and the Cut cofounder Kush Patel.

The Food & Drink list includes Copia founder Komal Ahmed, who is of Pakistani origin; Gong Cha Tea president Anchal Lamba.

TagCo USA cofounder Haseem Karim, BoxFox cofounder Sabena Suri and Roomify cofounders Sagar Hemani and Shanil Wazirali are named to the Retail & Ecommerce list.

Relationship intelligence platform Affinity cofounder Shubham Goel, Labelbox cofounder Manu Sharma and Distributed Systems cofounder Nikhil Srinivasan are among the Top 30 in Enterprise Technology, while Shilpa Rao, senior manager of Content Acquisition, Twitch is the sole Indian American in the Games list. The other solo IndianAmericans featured are: “Searching” director Aneesh Chaganty (Hollywood & Entertainment); electronic musician and drummer for MIA Madame Gandhi (Music) and Vice Media Global Corporate Strategy director Kim Patel (Media).

Listed in Healthcare are Abdullah Feroze, neurosurgical resident at Seattle Children’s Hospital; Shinjini Kundu, resident physician and medical researcher, University of Pittsburgh; BillionToOne cofounder Sukrit Silas and Karthik Jagadeesh and Johannes Birgmeier, PhD candidates at Stanford University for their natural-language-processing system, AMELIE.

Top 30 in Finance include Bain Capital vice president Lakshya Mahadok, North Isla director Anish Pathipati and TPG president Akash Pradhan, while the Science list features CrowdAI cofounder Devaki Raj; G. M. Mahmud Arif Pavel, a postdoctoral associate at Scripps Research; SandBox Semiconductor Inc. COO Meghali Chopra; Hasini Jayatilaka, postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University; UCLA assistant professor Achuta Kadambi; Jeremy Puthumana M.D. candidate at Yale University and Maithra Raghu, PhD candidate at Cornell University. The Top 30 Social Entrepreneurs list includes Perfect Day Milk cofounders Perumal Gandhi and Ryan Pandya, Pilleve cofounders Yusuf Albanawi and Gautam Chebrolu; and Kheyti cofounder Saumya (who only goes by her first name).

Vik Chawla, principal, Fifth Wall Ventures Management, LLC, Priya Saiprasad, principal, M12 and Kartik Talwar, an investor at SV Angel are among the Top 30 venture capitalists.

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