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A 42-year old man killed three teenagers when he allegedly rammed his vehicle intentionally into another car the victims were traveling in near Corona, about 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles, on January 19. Anurag Chandra, a 42-year-old Indian American from the area, was arrested by police shortly after the incident.

Jersey City Board of Education President Sudhan Thomas has said he is "not guilty" of the charges filed against him and will "vigorously" fight them. Thomas, along with four other current and former public officials and political candidates have been charged with taking thousands of dollars in bribes disguised as campaign contributions.

The president and the chief financial officer of a now defunct New Jersey-based marble and granite wholesaler have been arrested for allegedly orchestrating and participating in a scheme to defraud a bank in connection with a $17 million secured line of credit, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced.

Three students from India were killed in two separate incidents on Thanksgiving Day. In California, Abhishek Sudhesh Bhat, who was pursuing his Masters degree in Computer Science from California State University (CSU) in San Bernardino, was shot dead by an unknown assailant. In Tennessee, Vybhav Gopisetty and Judy Stanley died after a driver hit their vehicle and drove away

Javaid Perwaiz, a Virginia-based obstetrician-gynecologist from Pakistan, was arrested Nov. 8 on charges involving health care fraud committed by allegedly performing medically unnecessary surgeries on women to collect insurance payments. Perwaiz, 69, of Chesapeake, is being held without bond in Suffolk, Virginia after his hearing on Nov. 14. If convicted Perwaiz faces up to 20 years in prison.

Chirag Janakbhai Choksi, 35, and his wife, Shachi Naishadh Majmudar, 35, were members of a criminal conspiracy who had members that impersonated law enforcement officials to trick and coerce victims into mailing and shipping cash to other conspiracy members by convincing the victims that it was in their best interests to do so.

Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal of the Harris County Sheriff Department in Texas was fatally shot on Sept. 27 at a traffic stop. Dhaliwal was the first Sikh to become a deputy in the greater Houston area and is being described as a trailblazer. The 10-year veteran, who is said to be in his mid 40s, is survived by his wife and three children.

Two asylum seekers from India, who have been on a hunger strike for more than 70 days inside a federal detention facility in El Paso protesting their detention and were transferred to a long-term acute care hospital in mid-September as their health deteriorated, are expected to be released soon.

An Indian-American in Westwood, Calif. was last week slapped with federal criminal charges for allegedly owning and operating an unlicensed money transmitting business where he exchanged up to $25 million in cash and virtual currency for Darknet drug dealers and other criminals, some of whom used his bitcoin ATM kiosk.