Indian-American teen charged with sexually assaulting Rutgers student in dorm room

A New Jersey teen is under arrest after he was found sneaking into an unlocked room of a Rutgers University student and allegedly sexually assaulting her.

News reports, citing the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, say the 17-year-old Indian-American, a senior at South Brunswick High School, is being charged of aggravated sexual contact, criminal sexual contact and burglary.

Authorities are not releasing the teen’s name as he is being prosecuted as a juvenile.

According to a university-wide email issued by Rutgers on Oct. 21, a day after the alleged incident occurred, the victim said she was sleeping in her Quad 2 dorm room on the Livingston Campus in Piscataway when she was groped on Oct. 20 morning. Her room door was unlocked, she told authorities. The assailant fled when she woke up. She was not physically injured during the encounter.

The New York Post, quoting students at the university said the teenager was often seen “lurking around campus.” He also had a history of breaking into students' dorm rooms, they told the paper.

Freshman Emmanuel Azuonwu told the Post how Rutgers students had reported him to higher-ups at the college but said the school did nothing to ban him from campus. “He barged into my room before without knocking and thank god my roommate was there,” Azuonwu said.

Students told CBS News that they will have to extra careful about their security and locking their dorm room doors. “It’s actually kind of scary because, like, in the residence hall you have like a sense of security,” freshman Suhanya Pathman said. “Everyone’s scared, everyone’s locking the doors,” Azuonwu said.

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