Sikh police officer shot at in possible hate crime in Santa Clara, Calif.

Sukhdeep Gill, a Sikh police officer in Santa Clara County, California was shot and injured last week after an “unprovoked sneak attack”by two unidentified men in a car in what could be a possible hate crime.

News reports said Santa Clara County Deputy Gill, who is a practicing Sikh and wears turban, was on patrol duty in Morgan Hill on the night of Jan. 31 when a car pulled up and someone inside opened fire injuring him.

Gill, who has been with the sheriff’s department since 2015, was alive  in part due to his body-worn camera which he was wearing over his body armor and was hit once in the chest. Gill was treated at a hospital for a non-life-threatening injury and was recovering at home.

The shooter fired four times at Gill, who was standing outside his patrol vehicle, KPIX-TV quoted officials as saying at a news conference.

NBC and other media reported quoting officials that all deputies and San Jose police officers have been put on high alert because of the so-called ambush. The sheriff’s office said it was unclear if the shooting was a hate crime or a crime of opportunity against law enforcement.

Authorities were searching for a late-model silver sedan, possibly a Honda.The sheriff’s office said the suspected car did not have its headlights on and drove up close to Gill. That is when,KRON said, quoting officials, multiple shots were fired at Gill, one of which hit him in his body-worn camera and armor.

At press time the search for the suspects continued.

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