In what advocates are calling an apparent hate crime, a Sikh-American Uber driver was threatened in Illinois by a passenger who held a gun to his head, demanding “which country do you belong to?” and telling him “I hate turban people.” The attack on Gurjeet Singh occurred on Jan. 28.

It was a humid August evening in Ambala, India. Looking towards the pink sky from the kitchen window she said to her sister,“It's your turn today!” “No! It’s yours!” replied her sister within a split second. “Oh well !”the girl obliged. Rolling her eyes she shabbily walked over to the slab and started working.

We are well into the new year and the festive air has still not dissipated. Celebrations and parties still abound and with that come those sweet delicacies and desserts, handsomely propped up on the dinner table deviously mocking the hour-long workout I had that same morning. 

From one Desi Girl to another: But this one doesn't charm people with her poise and suave but the magic of her hands with the help of some South Asian flavors. Meet Pooja Bavish, who is giving ice cream a desi twist.

Benefits of a plant-based lifestyle were highlighted at a two-day health and wellness event held at the Penn Plaza Pavilion in NYC as vendors displayed healing techniques using crystal bowl sounds, infrared light saunas, hydrogen water, Ayurvedic remedies, yoga, meditation, holistic therapies and New Age massage techniques.

I met a man from Long Island — at a bar, by chance, a year after I moved to New York — and right away I liked him. We walked from the bar to a 24-hour diner in the East Village and got grilled cheese sandwiches and French fries and drank bad room-temperature coffee and talked for hours.

A couple of days in the week, I try to make all three meals grain-free. It sure is a challenge, given our copious rice consumption origins. How do you eat something that’s filling, healthy, tasty and without leaving you with the craving to chow down some carbs right after?

Jeera Quinoa is one of my more recent recipes. To tell you the truth I used to dislike quinoa. I was not comfortable with the smell or the texture. I also wasn’t sure what I could pair it with.

Baked spicy chicken curry is my take on the traditional chicken curry and one of my personal all-time favorites. After I successfully baked/ broiled salmon, I decided to try the same experiment with chicken. And it turned out fantastic!

Everyone’s looking for the perfect roast chicken, yet spatchcocking still seems like a secret of those in the know. Suffice it to say, it’s a skill worth learning, and not just because spatchcocking is a fun word to bandy about with authority.

What a joy it is to head out barefoot into the yard, coffee mug in hand, dog trailing at your heels begging you to engage with him, look around the yard lush with vegetables and herbs, and wonder what will make it to lunch or dinner. This is a true yard-to-table recipe.

Indian cuisine has travelled a long way after the first Indian restaurant was opened in Britain in 1809. Interestingly, the first Indian curry recipe in English appeared in Hannah Glasse’s The Art of Cookery in 1747.

Beyond question, Jackson Heights is the first stop for anyone seeking an education in the Tibetan syllabus: momos filled with brothy beef under their bellybutton pleats; laphing, noodles neatly rolled and sliced like strudel and set loose in a puddle of chile oil.

It is, at a glance, simple and unremarkable: a circle of flatbread as flaccid as a cotton cloth, with a texture not quite as doughy as pita bread, yet fluffier than a tortilla.