Bravo to launch docuseries with all Indian American cast

Bravo TV is launching the first U.S. docuseries featuring an all Indian American cast. “Family Karma” which airs this March, will follow the lives of seven Indian American friends in Miami, who grew up together, as well as their close-knit families.

Bravo TV says “Family Karma” give viewers a never-before-seen glimpse inside the intriguing lives of Anisha Ramakrishna, Vishal Parvani, Amrit Kapai, Brian Benni, Monica Vaswani, Bali Chainani, and Shaan Patel, “as they try and strike a balance between following their own paths and living their own dreams in Miami, while also staying true to their families' traditions.”

In the trailer, Monica Vaswani says the friends grew up going to temple classes together as kids,while and Anisha Ramakrishna speaks about performing dances together for Diwali. “We’re like family,” Ramakrishna says. “We’re going to be friends, always. Like ‘The Babysitters’ Club.’”

The trailer also introduces us to the cast member’s respective families, and it is evident that they have a close relationship with their relatives.

"Our parents basically founded this community," says Amrit Kapai, a lawyer who started his career in Chicago and is currently working to grow the firm's Miami branch. "They had arranged marriages we had arranged friendships," he continues.

The trailer also shows how these young Indian-Americans are “pressurized” by their parents, when Brian Benni admits that “there's extreme pressure by the parents.” Immediately we see Vishal Parvani's mother asking him as to why he hasn’t made a date for his wedding.

Then there’s Anisha Ramakrishna's mother who tells her that “time is flying by,” during their own smarriage-related conversation. After working in New York City's fashion industry for more than a decade, Anisha recently returned to Miami to start her own business.

In addition, “Family Karma” will follow the pursuits of tech specialist and aspiring photographer Monica Vaswani and entrepreneur Shaan Patel as well as Bali Chainani, who is friends with the family-friend group's younger generation but close with the parents too.

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