Hasan Minhaj gets fashion advice From ‘Queer Eye’ star Tan France

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Netflix's “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj,” show’s host once again got together with fashion expert Tan France. Last year, before the show’s premiere, Minhaj had subjected his sartorial choices to the scrutiny of the “Queer Eye” fashion expert.

In a video shared on Oct. 28, the two reunite over a Skype call to look back at Minhaj’s best and worst looks on the show. The pair also revealed what became of the amazing tiger-faced jacket they picked out together, which never appeared on the show. What did appear, however was an abundance of sweaters. "My god, you wear a lot of sweaters," France unleashed, after Minhaj told him to be honest. "And it looks like you've got one in every color."

Minhaj did try to mix it up a bit, proudly pointing to an outfit involving a pair of "jazzy" pants. Unfortunately France hated them. Fortunately France blessed Minhaj with several fashion tips for the future, and promised to style him again soon. “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” returns to Netflix on Nov. 10.

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