Indian-American actress Tiya Sircar’s Hollywood Journey

It would seem like Tiya Sircar has a lot of good in her life right now. There’s the NBC comedy “The Good Place,” and the new Netflix film, “Good Sam,” where she plays the lead. Sircar plays Kate Bradley, a news reporter whose life turns upside down when she sets out to discover a mysterious good Samaritan who is leaving $100,000 cash on seemingly random doorsteps. The cast includes Chad Connell and Marco Grazzini.  The film is based on Dete Meserve's book of the same name.

In Deadline’s New Hollywood Podcast, Sircar spoke about her journey as a child of immigrants growing up in Arlington, Texas, and her struggles as an Indian-American actress. Calling her journey to Hollywood as being “very pragmatic,” Sircar spoke about her journey as a child of immigrants growing up in Arlington, Texas, and of her struggles as an Indian-American actress. Sircar, who majored in Business and Theater, told Deadline that while the former degree was to make her parents proud of her, the latter was for the career she wanted to pursue. However, she said her parents were supportive of both her degrees. After graduating and creating a “nest egg” (per her father’s advice), she came to Hollywood.

After she came to Hollywood, Sircar said it was difficult to break into main stream roles. Growing up in the 90s she said the only representation she had was Apu from “The Simpsons.”

“It was problematic then,” she confessed, adding that “now there’s a conversation on it, which is great.” She went on the acknowledge the role actors like Mindy Kaling, Aziz Ansari and Priyanka Chopra have played to bring diversity and inclusion into the main stream. “When your only representative is a ridiculously stereotypical cartoon character with a totally stereotypical kind of defensive accent,” you have to applaud the changes that are beginning to happen now, she said. When she first got to Los Angeles, she said most of the jobs she took were ethnically ambiguous characters “I would play Amy who would have no specific ethnicity,” she said. “Or then I would audition to play the specifically few and far between South Asian characters and invariably that would say that ‘she was great but she ‘wasn’t quite Indian enough.’” She spoke about “Alex Inc.,” where they modified the character to be an Indian-American Bengali girl from Texas.

“Good Sam” is Sircar’s first big project with Netflix where she plays the lead. The actress has previously worked on shows like “The Mindy Project,” “Master of None,” and voiced characters on animated shows like “Spirit Riding Free” and “Star Wars Forces of Destiny.” She was also on the short-lived ABC show, “Alex, Inc.”

A self-proclaimed Star War geek, Sircar, who has been the voice of the popular animated “Star Wars Rebels” series character Sabine, told Fansided that she would be eager to reprise her role if the opportunity arose. “I basically have told [director] Dave Filoni many times, like, and he’s probably really sick of hearing about it, uh, which I don’t blame him for,” she said. “He’s like, ‘no no, I know. I’ll call you if it happens.’ And I’m like, ‘you better!’And he’s like, ‘no, I will.’”

Meanwhile, Sircar hopes that “Good Sam” will have a sequel. Sircar told AfterBuzzTV that Meserve has a second book in the series, called “Perfectly Good Crime,” which “carries on where ‘Good Sam’ ends.” She said: “If someone wanted to make into a movie, I would happily do so.”

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