Kumail Nanjiani’s ‘The Eternals’ to feature a Bollywood number

Kumail Nanjiani has revealed that Marvel’s “The Eternals” will have its very own Bollywood number.

The Pakistani American actor is playing the cosmic-powered Kingo in the upcoming sci-fi superhero blockbuster based on Jack Kirby’s 1976 comic book of the same name.

It revolves around a group of aliens that have lived in secret on earth for 7000 years. However, a tragedy after “Avengers: Endgame,” means that they have to come of hiding to protect the planet.

“The Big Sick” actor, who made the revelation during Deadline’s New Hollywood podcast, said that a lot of the film takes place in the present day.

“My character, for instance, is like ‘OK we’re supposed to keep a low profile, no one should know.’ So I become a Bollywood movie star, that’s my secret identity. We’re supposed to keep quiet and I’ve become the biggest Bollywood movie star,” he said.

He told the podcast that he found filming, and even rehearsing, the sequence incredibly moving.

“I remember the first time I went to rehearsal, I walked in and there were all these South Asian people. I was so moved immediately. I was like, ‘Oh my god, we went from none of us to so many in one scene.”

He also explained the strong physical training required for such an intense scene: “I took months of Bollywood dance classes to prepare for that. It’s really a workout… and you know, there’s like 52 dancers, and 51 of them are professional dancers, and then there’s me!” “The Eternals” will release on Nov. 6.

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