Most Powerful People in Comedy: Mindy Kaling, Hasan Minhaj and Kumail Nanjiani

 Hasan Minhaj, Mindy Kaling and Kumail Nanjiani

Mindy Kaling, Kumail Nanjiani, Hasan Minhaj and Lilly Singh are among The Hollywood Reporter’s ’40 Most Powerful People in Comedy,” which includes “artists and executives with the clout to make the world laugh, delivering eyeballs to film and TV and billions in arena grosses.”

THR says, “Office” alumni Kaling, who is listed in The Auteurs category, “went on to prove she could front her own show with ‘The Mindy Project,’ which lasted three seasons on Fox and another three on Hulu.” The 39-year-old currently stars opposite Emma Thompson in “The Late Night,” which she co-wrote. “The showbiz satire was snatched up by Amazon Studios for a record-setting $13 million at Sundance,” THR says. In February, Kaling inked a six-year, eight-figure overall deal with Warner Bros. Television. The “Four Weddings and a Funeral” reboot she co-created hits Hulu in July; and Netflix has handed her a series order for a 10-episode semi autobiographical comedy. She'll also release a collection of essays for Amazon out summer 2020. Her first book, published in 2011, spent a combined 121 weeks on New York Times best-seller lists. Kaling told THR that her favorite comedy shows, for which she will drop everything to watch, are “Coming to America” and “Borat.” “I love accents,” she said.

Listed in The Breakouts category is Nanjiani, who catapulted to stardom with HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” which is in its finals season. “The Big Sick,” Nanjiani’s autobiographical indie vehicle made $56 million worldwide. The Pakistan-born comedian, 41, was also seen in “Men in Black: International,” “Stuber” and “The Love Birds.” And he soon will make his Marvel debut in “The Eternals” opposite Angelina Jolie. Also listed are Hasan Minhaj and Lilly Singh among The Late-Night Hosts, who, according to THR, “wrestle over the same political punch lines night after night.” Although Netflix refused to divulge numbers for Minhaj’s “The Patriot Act,” THR says the Indian-American comedian is “proving to have a knack for edgy topical talks.” According to the list, “Singh’s digital presence (14 million YouTube subscribers) could the key to helping her to breakout when she takes over Carson Daley’s slot on NBC this fall, becoming the only woman in the broadcast in the coveted late night role.

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