Vikas Khanna’s ‘The Last Color’ is eligible for 'Best Picture Award' at Oscars

Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna’s directorial debut “The Last Color,” starring Neena Gupta as a widow, is among 344 films eligible for the best picture award at the 92nd Academy Awards.

According to reports, for a film to be eligible, it must open in a commercial motion picture theatre in Los Angeles County by Dec. 31, and begin a minimum run of seven consecutive days. Khanna took to Twitter to make the announcement and shared a screenshot of the Oscars list. “I don’t know what happens after this moment,” he wrote, and added, “But this moment is everything.” He wrote in his other tweet, “To live for this moment. Absolutely yesssss. @Neenagupta001” and added, “My heart is dancing. Thank you Neena ji for believing in my humble story.”

The film has already won several awards and has been screened at various film festivals. It also stars Aqsa Siddiqui, Rajeswar Khanna and Aslam Sheikh in prominent roles. It premiered at the 30th Palm Springs International Film Festival last January. and has been well received on the festival circuit. The film also won the best feature film award at the Dallas International Film Festival.

Based on the book of the same name Khanna wrote, “The Last Color,” set in Varanasi, explores an unconventional friendship between a young flower seller and a tightrope walker Chhoti (Aqsa Siddiqui) and an old widow Noor (Neena Gupta) who has been living in abstinence of worldly pleasures for a long time.

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