Goddard School franchisees bring an array of expertise to the franchise system. The franchise has attracted engineers, educators, financial consultants, IT experts and more. As diverse as their backgrounds are, these professionals all share the goal of running a successful business while giving back to their communities

Franchisees like Priya Punugoti, owner of the newest Goddard School located in Lewisville, TX, exemplify the type of ambitious, altruistic entrepreneur that the brand attracts.

Priya and her husband decided to open The Goddard School located in Lewisville, TX, to meet the demand for early childhood education options in the rapidly growing community. Her experience and knowledge of the brand led her to franchise with The Goddard School.

Priya, like many others who open a Goddard School, was familiar with the brand's reputation for providing high-quality early childhood education to hundreds of thousands of families nationwide before she began franchising with the system. When Priya's nephew was younger, he attended The Goddard School, and she witnessed the benefits of his experience. She wanted to provide the same educational opportunity to families living in and around Lewisville, TX.

Before franchising, Priya spent more than a decade mentoring and leading a team of mobile application developers in a corporate environment. Most recently, she worked as a senior manager in mobile application development for United Airlines. Her professional background helped inspired her to open The Goddard School because Goddard's principles are very similar to the core values her mentors instilled in her throughout her career.

"Every leader I had would be there to support me and encourage me to expand my skills," she said. "I want to ensure children have access to an early childhood education that encourages them to explore and instills core values to help them be successful later in life."

The Goddard School's dual-management approach was another appealing feature that convinced Priya to franchise with the early childhood education brand. Every Goddard School is co-led by an on-site owner and an education director. The typical Goddard School owner is a successful businessperson who is too young to retire, is weary of corporate life and is eager to run a business of his or her own, and no teaching or childcare experience is necessary to run a School. Goddard School franchisees focus on the operational aspects of the business, and the education directors focus on the curriculum, the program and the teacher development aspects.

"I'm passionate about providing a great learning experience for young children and giving parents the sense of comfort that comes from knowing their child are in a nurturing and educational environment," Priya said. "More importantly, I want this preschool to be a place where my faculty can feel inspired to encourage creativity and critical thinking and to engage with the children in a way that will help define their students' strengths."

As The Goddard School brand continues to grow, the system is looking for franchisees who share Priya's passion and want to fulfill their dreams of running a successful business while offering high-quality early childhood education to children in their communities.

Visit www.goddardschoolfranchise.com to begin your journey.

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