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Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, recently became the unlikely site of the world’s first in-human remote telerobotic cardiac surgery when Dr. Tejas Patel employed the CorPath GRX system to perform percutaneous cardiac interventions in five patients from a distance of nearly 20 miles.

 India on Sunday launched the world's biggest health insurance scheme which Prime Minister Narendra Modi said would cover some 500 million poor people. The program, dubbed "Modicare", promises health cover worth 500,000 rupees ($6,900) to every poor family to treat serious ailments.

Indian-Americans and other South Asians are more likely to die of heart disease, including heart attacks and strokes caused by atherosclerosis than East Asians and non-Hispanic whites living in the United States, the American Heart Association has warned.

With the death of one more patient who tested positive for Nipah virus (NiP) on Thursday morning, the disease has claimed 12 lives in Kerala, officials said. The death of Moosa was confirmed at a private hospital where he was being treated. Early this month, two of his sons and a relative also passed away. They were the first cases of NiP that were reported last week.

The death toll from an outbreak of the rare Nipah virus in southern India jumped to 10 Tuesday with more than 90 people quarantined to try to stem the spread of the disease, officials said.

 A deadly virus carried mainly by fruit bats has killed at least three people in southern India, sparking a statewide health alert Monday. Eight other deaths in the state of Kerala are being investigated for possible links to the Nipah virus, which has a 70 percent mortality rate.

When the Lifeline Express rolled into the sleepy Indian town of Jalore, Bhagwana Ram Prajapat was anxiously waiting to board. The 55-year-old has been desperately looking for treatment for his grandson's cleft-lip and the specially converted sky-blue, seven-coach train was the answer to his prayers.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and India’s Ambassador to the U.S. Navtej Sarna will headline the 36th annual convention of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. The gathering will be held at the Columbus Convention Center July 4-8, AAPI president Dr. Gautam Samadder announced.

Indian surgeons who removed a massive brain tumor in a marathon seven-hour procedure said Thursday it could be the heaviest ever recorded. Santlal Pal, a 31-year-old shopkeeper, had been carrying around a tumor weighing nearly two kilos before the surgery on Feb. 14.