Ambassadors Nikki Haley, Navtej Sarna to headline AAPI convention in Ohio

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and India’s Ambassador to the U.S. Navtej Sarna will headline the 36th annual convention of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. The gathering will be held at the Columbus Convention Center July 4-8, AAPI president Dr. Gautam Samadder announced.

The event provides a venue for interaction and scholarly exchange among leading physicians, health professionals, academicians and scientists of Indian origin.

This year’s convention is being organized by AAPI’s Ohio chapter and is led by convention chair Dr. John A. Johnson, a physician, business executive, private equity/venture capital investor and philanthropist. He is part of a team of AAPI leaders who have assisted with planning.

“We have been working hard to put together an attractive program for our annual get together, educational activity and family enjoyment,” Johnson said.

Physicians and healthcare professionals from across the country will convene to share medical advances, develop health policy agendas and encourage legislative priorities in the coming year.

Ambassadors Nikki Haley, Navtej Sarna to headline AAPI convention in Ohio

Other highlights include 12 hours of cutting-edge CME with renowned speakers, a CEO forum, an innovation forum, an entrepreneur forum, a forum for women, a forum for men and product theaters highlighting advances in patient care and medical technology. There will also be alumni meetings for networking.

The convention will include an AAPI-India strategic engagement forum to showcase the organization’s initiatives in India, which include traumatic brain injury guidelines and MoU on the eradication of TB.

In addition to vendor booths, there will also be an awards ceremony.

Representing the interests of the more than 100,000 physicians of Indian origin for 36 years, the AAPI is the largest ethnic organization of physicians. AAPI is an umbrella organization which has nearly 90 local chapters, specialty societies and alumni organizations.

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