Boston hosts three-day World Hindu Council of America Conference

An unidentified speaker at the conference that brought together Hindu-American thinkers, artists, educators, to share a collective future for the community. The three-day conference that began Nov. 1 in Woburn city near Boston  was attended by about 400 people, the organizers said.

An estimated 400 delegates and dignitaries from across the U.S. gathered in Woburn city near Boston Nov. 1 for a three-day conference to bring together Hindu-American thinkers, artists, educators, writers, public policy makers to share a collective future for the community.

The first of its kind “Threads 2019 Conference” seeking to tell the story of the Hindu-Americans featured inspiring speakers and panelists and covered a broad range of topics and unique ideas.

The conference, organized by nonprofit World Hindu Council of America was headlined by Rajiv Malhotra, founder of Infinity Foundation and was addressed in absentia by Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin as well as Massachusetts Gov Charlie Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito. Their written statements were read out on the inaugural day.

Welcoming the delegates, Galvin said, “our Hindu-American neighbors have strengthened our community in many ways, including our economy, knowledge, culture and community engagement.”

The conference opened with ceremonial Shankh Naad, Ganesh Stuti, lighting of ceremonial lamp by dignitaries and rendition of Indian and American national anthems.

Jai Bansal, the convener, opened the conference in which he talked about how Hindu Americans have integrated into the fabric of American culture while retaining their own identity.

Gov. Baker said, “the conference is an excellent opportunity for Hindu Americans from various backgrounds to share their stories and journeys and to discuss ways to further increase recognition of their contributions.”

Malhotra explained how Hindu Americans’ have contributed to the American society at large. He summoned the delegates to take a leadership role in defining and integrating authentic Hindu values in the American mosaic. He said, “we Hindu Americans need to lead to redefine the American exceptionalism while maintaining mutual respect.”

Sanjay Kaul, Co-Chair of the conference, noted how Hindus from all over the world have worked hard to realize their American dream and are making their “Karma Bhoomi” America stronger and a better society for their future generation.

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