Calif. Indian American teen recognized at Global Child Prodigies 2020 is a musical genius

Tiara Abraham singing at Vatican during  award ceremony. 

This past Christmas, Tiara Abraham, 13, did not get the typical girly gifts under the Christmas tree. Instead,she was happy to receive an early festival gift  her high school diploma certificate as she completed high school with a perfect 4.0 GPA in the Fall 2019.

With setbacks in her education in the last two years, due to what her parents describe as “bureaucracies” and family medical emergencies, Tiara was unable to meet high school graduation deadline, but she worked hard to keep up with her goals of graduating high school early and becoming a full-time college student.

Tiara will be attending full-time American River College in Northern Sacramento to complete her 1st and 2nd year courses and in Fall 2020 transferring to a neighboring university. She will major in vocal performance and plans to get bachelor’s in music with emphasis on vocal performance as her undergraduate degree.

The Soprano singer with a natural vibrato, which she exhibited when she was around 6-year-old, has been training in Western classical music since she was 7 and had released her first album “Winter Nightingale” when she was ten.

She was recognized for her musical talent at the Global Child Prodigies 2020 in New Delhi in January, in which there were 100 child prodigies from 18 countries.

Tiara started her private vocal lessons at 7 and began her first on-campus college class at 7 simultaneously being home-schooled with a public school curriculum. After her KG, Tiara joined her brother, Tanishq Abraham in the home-schooled tradition when she found school not fun and challenging.

Her parents  Bijou Abraham, a software engineer and Taji Abraham, a veterinarian and researcher– have encouraged her unusual musical talent, including for diction, from an early age. She began to sing German, Italian, Spanish, Latin and French arias, art and sacred songs with ease and perfect accents that sounded just like that of a native speaker and singer.

Like most highly-gifted students, Tiara’s curiosity about the foreign texts and to better understand the classical repertoire and emote it, grew and she enrolled in a foreign language course at a local community college.

During her part-time college education as a home-schooled student, her professors and classmates had high recommendations about her. At 12, when Tiara finished her geology course at American River College, her professor, Steve Sterling said that Tiara was truly an outstanding student earning the strongest A grade in both the lecture and lab courses.

“Whether it is her science professor or a music professor, they have the same high regards for the 13-year-old college student and soprano. This semester, her music theory professor, Dr. Joseph Gilman, noted that Tiara is a wonderful vocalist with tone quality and musicality beyond her years,” her parents, residents of Sacramento, Calif., said recently quoting Gilman.

Tiara has won the Premio Internazionale Giuseppe Sciacca Musica Award at Vatican and her voice has led her to perform twice at Carnegie Hall, Musikverein at Vienna, Austria, and sing the National Anthem for San Francisco Giantstwice. Despite her busy schedule, she also managed to release her debut CD 'Winter Nightingale' at 10.

After listening to her CD, Dr. Donald Kendrick, emeritus director of choral activities of Sacramento State University and founding conductor of Sacramento Choral Society remarked that her music is“just terrific.”

“It is just amazing to know you can sing like this at your young age! You are a real treasure and I am so happy that you have this wonderful gift. It is a big responsibility to be a prodigy, and one that can overwhelm you at times. The best thing to do is to take small careful steps, one by one. You are really a talented artist and I am so excited for the life that is unfolding for you,” her parents said quoting Kendrick.

At the Global Child Prodigies 2020 held in New Delhi Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, who was the chief guest noted that it was a great day not just for him, these children but for the entire world. “I cannot recall any other event that has witnessed the assembly of the brightest and most talented young people from across the world,” Satyarthi said.

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