Indian-American businessman Naresh Solanki appointed mayor of Cerritos, Calif.

Naresh Solanki Facebook photo 

California businessman Naresh Solanki has been appointed mayor of Cerritos, California. Solanki, a Cerritos City Council member since 2015, and mayor pro tem, took over his new position at the annual Cerritos City Council Mayoral transition, April 18.

Los Cerritos News reports that Solanki was nominated by Councilman Jim Edwards, followed by Councilman Frank Yokoyama seconding the nomination. Mayor Mark Pulido gave unanimous consent and Solanki was appointed Mayor, the report said. Councilman Frank Yokoyama was appointed deputy mayor.

Solanki, who became mayor pro tem in 2016 and 2018, has been a Cerritos resident since 1988. He previously served as a Cerritos Planning Commissioner from 2007 to 2015.

He is a member of the City Council's budget/finance, performing arts, personnel and business and industry committees. He is a member of the Cerritos Optimist Club and the Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce and is involved with and supports local chapters of the Lions Club and Rotary Club as well as Blind Start of America. He is the CEO/president of retail grocery supermarkets and is also in the hospitality business.

Solanki and his wife, Priti, have two sons, Mehul and Jay.

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