Kidnapped Indian-American entrepreneur’s body found in Santa Cruz mountains

Tushar Atre 

The body of Tushar Atre, 50, a well-known Indian-American tech entrepreneur, who was kidnapped from his beach front home on Pleasure Point Drive in Santa Cruz, California Oct. 1 has been found in the Santa Cruz Mountains, police said

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office, according to an ABC 7report Oct. 2, has identified the body found in the Santa Cruz MountainsTuesday morningas that of kidnapped Bay Area tech executiveAtre. There was no word on the cause of death.

According to an LA Times report, investigators are tracking multiple suspects in connection with the kidnapping of Atre. “We are looking into all aspects of his life,” said Sgt. Brian Cleveland, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office. “All doors are open.”

According to Cleveland, Atre was inside his home in the morning of Oct. 1 with several other people present when multiple suspects broke into his house and abducted him in his girlfriend’s white BMW. Someone in the house called authorities to report the abduction.

The investigation took officials to a property in a mountainous, heavily wooded area in the 24000 block of Soquel San Jose Road. There, they found the white BMW and a body.Deputies said more than one suspect kidnapped Atre and forced him into his girlfriend’s SUV.

An intense manhunt had been launched by police since Oct.1 for Atre

“Somebody broke into his house last night and kidnapped him at 3 a.m., we have no idea why, we have no idea who,” a friend named Christopher Lochhead made an emotional plea on Facebook. “We need everybody all of our friends, the entire community, to get behind this effort and support our sheriff’s department and the FBI and law enforcement in finding Tushar,” a KPIX 5 report said earlier.

Neighbors said the crime was “horrifying” and unusual for the quiet street that is frequented by surfers and known for its multi-million dollar properties.

Atre, according to news reports, lived in PleasurePoint for more than 20 years, and that he moved into the Pleasure Point Drive home two years ago.Atre founded and became the CEO of AtreNet, a web marketing and design company.

A friend, who also didn’t want to be identified, told KPIX 5 that Atre made enemies over his business deals, and specifically with his company.However, reveals Atre may not have been well-liked by his employees at AtreNet. One poster wrote, “The CEO Tushar Atre doesn’t value anyone, but himself.”Another poster left a review that said, “Total abusive nightmare! The worst employment experience of my life! You’ve been warned — run away now!”

Investigators have not said what connection, if any, the suspects may have had with Atre. “This is still an ongoing investigation, but we have reason to believe the motive was robbery,” the Sheriff's Office said in a post on its Facebook site.

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