OFBJP launches ‘Chai Pe Charcha” across U.S. ahead of Assembly elections in India

BJP supporters at a “Chai Pe Charcha”  meeting held in Milpitas, Calif. on Oct 13.

Apparently enthused by its effective publicity campaign for Prime Minster Narendra Modi before India’s 2019 general election, the Overseas Friends of Bharatiya Janata Party (USA) has started replicating “Chai Pe Charcha” events across the U.S., urging NRIs to tell their folks back home to vote for BJP in the upcoming state assembly elections.

The OFBJP recently hosted many “Chai Pe Charcha” or chat over tea events in which supporters of BJP and its allies strategized how to gather voters’ support to bring back BJP-led NDA governments in Maharashtra and Haryana State elections scheduled on October 21.

The theme of these events was: “FIR EK BAR BJP SARKAR.” In all such programs, said OFBJP National President Krishna Reddy Anugula, there was overwhelming support, enthusiasm and confidence that BJP’s “victory spree” will continue in these assembly elections due to the “impressive performance” of these state governments and Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led central government in New Delhi.

He said many prominent NRIs from Maharashtra and Haryana belonging to several community organizations gathered in Milpitas, California, during which Chandru Bhambhra, Coordinator of OFBJP-Northern California, Gaurav Patwardhan, National Convener of OFBJP USA for Maharashtra and Prakash Bhalerao, a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and venture capitalist, among others, urged NRIs to call their friends and relatives in these two states to vote for BJP and initiate a strong social media campaign.

During both 2014 and 2019 general elections, OFBJP launched publicity campaigns for Modi through social media and also through “Chai Pe Charcha” get-togethers.

In North Brunswick, NJ event, Krishna Reddy along with other NRIs highlighted the need for reaching out to friends and family members in Maharashtra and Haryana.

In Washington DC, many NRIs and community leaders gathered and campaigned for “Fir Ek Bar BJP Sarkar” in Maharashtra and Haryana. Adapa Prasad, OFBJP National Vice President, explained how under the leadership of Modi, India is moving forward “to become Vishwa Guru” and how it is important that BJP governments in the upcoming state elections are re-elected so that the ongoing developmental programs continue with greater speed.

In Houston, where Modi was feted last month during a Howdy Modi event, and Austin, Texas, BJP supporters, while expressing confidence that in these two states BJP will make a comeback with greater majority, chanted “Narendra In Center and Devendra/Manohar in Maharashtra/Haryana.”

The Los Angeles chapter of OFBJP (USA) also organized Chai pe Charcha for gathering support in these two state assembly elections. P.K. Nayak, Convener of South California Chapter urged the community to continue their support for NaMo government and appealed to call their family members and friends in Maharashtra and Haryana to vote for BJP on October 21 to bring back BJP-led governments with greater majority. A similar event was also held in Chicago this month.

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