Retired Staten Island engineer and ex-labor leader to run for N.Y. Senate as Democrat

Rajiv Gowda, a retired-engineer with nearly 30 years of experience serving NYC and a former 1st Vice President of Local 375, DC 37, has announced he is seeking Democratic Party nomination to run for the 23rd NY State Senate District.

The primary election will be held on June 23 and early voting begins June 13,2020. The North Shore, Staten Island resident says he seeks to join a new generation of leadership emerging from the State, declaring, “The residents of our community desire new leaders who will challenge the political establishment, root out corruption in Albany and give a new reformist Democratic voice to communities that have long been neglected in Staten Island and Brooklyn.”

Gowda is a former delegate to both DC 37 and to the Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO), as well as an active life member of the Alliance of South Asian American Labor (ASAAL).

Coming from Organized Labor and building a family while working a union job, Gowda knows the importance of extending the same opportunity to as many Staten Islanders and Brooklynites as possible.

As a former chairman of the Transportation and Waterfront Committee and Community Board #1 member, Gowda made 20 recommendations to then Mayor Bloomberg’s Transportation Task Force and many of which have been implemented in the last ten years, according to his campaign page.

He received numerous awards from the community for his outstanding work and leadership to make NYC a better place to live, work and raise children. Gowda is a recipient of a proclamation by the New York City Council for his outstanding community work.

He says as former chairman of the Transportation and Waterfront Committee of Community Board #1, Staten Island, he was on the front line fighting for fixing age-old infrastructure, and as Senator he will fight to bring the funds back to our community to help fix these problems.

“Our buses and subways should run on time; constant delays and cancellations impact hard-working New Yorkers. The MTA is controlled by the State and as Senator I will ensure that the MTA will be held accountable and initiate more long-term capital projects to fix our crumbling transportation system,” Gowda wrote on his website.

The former labor leader has vowed not to accept money from corporate PACS, special interest groups, and real estate developers.

“Unlike the current Senator from District 23, who is continuously swayed into working with Republican Senators  as a breakaway Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) member  on issues that Democrats have long fought for,” Gowda says he pledges to uphold core Democratic values and to act in accordance with those values.

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