Silicon Valley millennial Natasha Gupta fails in her bid for California Assembly seat

Natasha Gupta, state assembly candidate for California’s 25th district, chats with a senior voter in Santa Clara.

Twenty-eight-year-old Natasha Gupta was unsuccessful in her bid to run for state assembly seat, to be vacated by Kansen Chu in California’s 25th districtDistrict. Chu is leaving to run for Santa Clara County supervisor. Gupta won 8.7 percent or 4,180 seats.

The crowded field for the open seat included Republican Bob Brunton (23.7 percent, 11,355) and Democrats Alex Lee (15.1 percent, 7,246), Anne Kepner (13.0 percent, 6,231), Anna Song (11.8 percent, 5,659), Carmen Montano (9.8 percent, 4,679), Anthony Phan (7.8 percent, 3,747), Roman Reed (5.9 percent, 2,839), and Jim Canova (4.0 percent, 1,911). District 25 is the heart of Silicon Valley – encompassing Fremont, Newark, Milpitas, San Jose and Santa Clara

“Thank you all for the incredible hard work and dedication you put into making our campaign a success,” Gupta, 28, wrote on her Facebook page. While she won Alameda County, she fell short in Santa Clara County. “Our overall numbers will not be taking us to the General Election for Assembly District 25,” she said.

Gupta congratulated Lee’s campaign “for their strong showing in Santa Clara County. It speaks tremendously about the power of clean money, grassroots campaigns and the changing tide of our politics today that the top candidates in the two counties which make up AD25 committed to not taking special interest money and were heavily outspent by establishment competitors.”

She told her supporters that she believes that her campaign “made a real impact on the communities we touched. While we may not have won our race, never forget that the legacy of the campaign and virtues it espouses lives on after that. I hope that the victories in AD25 will usher very needed changes to our democratic process.”

While on her campaign trail, Gupta said she saw “countless examples” of corruption. She said she hopes “we now have a champion who will commit to purging this from our system. And I hope for every person whose door we knocked and told us they would vote, for every volunteer who saw in our campaign something to believe in, that they continue to hold our representation accountable and demand that we bring back integrity and a sense of unity in our politics again.”

In early results in Assembly District 20, Vipan Singh Bajwa, Democrat, was trailing three other candidates and not eligible for November’s ballot, according to unofficial results.

In District 27, Democratic incumbent Assembly member Ash Kalra was the top vote-getter in a two person primary and will be on November’s general election ballot. Kalra received 72.0 percent (35,225) to Republican G. Burt Lancaster’s 28.0 percent (13,688).

In other races, in District 18, Democrat Rishi Kumar, another first-timer running for the U.S.Congress, took the second place and would advance to November’s general election ballot.

Another first-timer is Republican Nisha Sharma, who’s running for Congress in District 11, made it through to November by taking second place, in early results.

However, Modesto Councilman Mani Grewal, the lone Indian American candidate running for California State Senate in District 5, was trailing in third place in early results, and if he finished in that place he will not advance to November.

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