A historic mandate for Prime Minister Modi’s ‘New India’

Members of the OFBJP-USA celebrate the landslide victory of the BJP in Newark, N.J. on May 23.

Indian voters have stamped their approval for continuing the all-round development with pro-poor, pro-farmer, and pro-middle class policies of the Modi government following the theme of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas.”

This is a historical victory for a leader, who is committed to take India to the pinnacle of prosperity and glory. This is the first time that a non-Congress Prime Minister has been re-elected with the greater majority.

The voters have out rightly rejected the unholy alliance of selfish and corrupt regional leaders and the Congress party, mostly led by dynastic families.

The people have rejected divisive politics of the opposition and gave a clear message that they value the leaders who provide good and corruption-free governance.

The TsuNaMo washed away nine former chief ministers and most sons and daughters of prominent leaders of the opposition parties.

Throughout the election campaign the BJP propounded all out developmental schemes implemented in the last five years and what more needs to be done in the next five years. While BJP employed slogans like “Sabka Saath, Sabha Vikaas” (all-inclusive development), Sabka vishwas (trust), Modi hai toh mumkin hai (when there is Modi, everything is possible), the Congress and other parties resorted to negative, false and abusive slogans like “chowkidar chor hai.”

People rejected their campaign completely as is clear from the election results where the Congress did not win enough seats to qualify for leader of opposition post.

MainBhiChowkidar movement galvanized people from all walks of life including NRIs, who wanted to be part of a movement which is a powerful symbol to safeguarding India from the evils of casteism, communalism, corruption and cronyism.

The caste and religion permutations and combinations have bitten dust and now a new social engineering has emerged which relies on good governance, fulfilling basic necessities of the people.

Voters overwhelmingly supported inclusive development based schemes that have been introduced in the last 5 years. Providing benefits to the last person it is always a difficult task, but Prime Minister Modi has successfully implemented schemes such as Jan Dhan Yojana (opening 340 million bank accounts), Swattch Bharat (90 million toilets built), Ujjwal Yojana (providing gas cylinders to all), AYUSH (providing free medical insurance to poor families), etc.

People have also given their approval for protecting the country from terrorism and responding befittingly to the hostile neighboring country with surgical air strikes. 

Millions of voters including first-time voters have participated enthusiastically in the world’s largest democratic elections to elect an able and proven leader Narendra Modi. Millennials and Generation Z did not fall to the fear-mongering tactics by opposition parties. They voted for a leader who can fulfill their hopes and aspirations.

They firmly believed that the country can only prosper under a strong and proven leadership. NRIs played a significant role in the elections through the social media, especially WhatsApp groups.

Sharing Modi government achievements especially images, videos through the social media helped BJP. Many NRIs made their own videos as to why people should support Modi and shared with family and friends back home. Thousands of NRIs went to India to campaign on the ground.

Volunteers of NRIs4Modi and OFBJP-USA have organized over 100 programs in various cities during the last 4 months across the nation. The programs included Chai Pe Charchas, Call-A-Thons, “Chowkidar” Marches, Car Rallies, Yagnas, Flash Mob Dance, Snow Mobile Rally, “Ghar Ghar Modi,” Sampark Abhiyan programs and more.

Also, these teams have made approximately 1 million calls to voters in India. Many organizations and individuals worked very hard to see that BJP gets the second term.

This is a win for 1.37 billion people. Prime Minister Modi promised a New India by 2022, which will double the farmers’ income, provide housing to all poor people with toilet, water, electricity and gas cylinder. It is anticipated that the government is going to invest 100 lakh crore rupees in infrastructure, 25 lakh crores in farming and rural sectors.

People chose “development” over “dynasty,” “stable government “over “unstable alliance of regional parties,” “transparency” over “corruption,” “New India” over “No vision for the country.” We salute Indian people for their wise decision.


Krishna Reddy Anugula is the President, OFBJP-USA

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