Bir Khalsa Group’s ‘Insanely Dangerous’ display on TV

After the Mumbai-based hip-hop dance crew V Unbeatbale wowed everyone on “America’s Got Talent,” it was Bir Khalsa Group’s risk-filled performance which impressed the judges.

The group comprises Jagdeep Singh, Kanwaljit Singh and Karamjit Singh. The audience and the judges were on tenterhooks as a blindfolded Kanwaljit Singh smashed watermelons and coconut spread out around the 7-foot-6-inches Jagdeep Singh. And, with every smash, one could hear the audience and the judges gasping.

“Bir Khalsa Group is coco-NUTS for doing this insanely dangerous act!” “America’s Got Talent” posted on its social media along with a clip of the Indian group’s performance.

After their performance, the Bir Khalsa Group got a standing ovation from all the four judges — Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell. Meanwhile, the video, shared on the shows’ official YouTube page, has received over 3 million views and thousands of comments.

One user wrote, “Rest of the world: it’s a dangerous act, do not try this anywhere. Stunts performed by professionals. India: everyday backyard sport.” “I’m shaking, scared and laughing at the same time while watching this..big respect for these Indian from the Philippines.”

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