Gaggan Anand: No regrets about killing his golden goose

Last month, celebrity chef Gaggan Anand sent foodies in a spin with the abrupt closure of his eponymous two-Michelin-starred Bangkok restaurant ranked among the best in the world.

Anand announced the sudden closure of Gaggan after a dispute with his shareholders. The Indian chef, who studied under molecular gastronomy wizard Ferran Adriá, plans to open a smaller venue, possibly in October. According to an AFP report, Anand’s decision was “a puzzling act of self-sabotage,” but “to the mercurial and blunt Gaggan the move was hastened by creative necessity after a dispute over shares with business partners.”

“I am tired. I am laughing. I am crying. I AM JUST A HUMAN,” he said this week in an Instagram post in which he apologized to customers and said “64 rebels” had walked out with him.“At the age of 41 the biggest lesson I learned was never leave anyone behind!!” he wrote, admitting he gets “too emotional sometimes.”

Anand opened Gaggan in 2010 in Bangkok’s glitzy business district. Five years later it catapulted into Asia’s 50 best restaurants.

In Thailand’s 2018 edition of the Michelin guide — “the first for a country where cheap street food is famous” — it nabbed two stars, AP reports. And this year, it was ranked fourth globally in the World’s 50 Best, “a list that received criticism in the past for not being more inclusive.” Anand hopes to bring the same unexpected flair to his new venture this time using his full name Gaggan Anand.

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