Hasan Minhaj: Getting candid, personal and funny

Comedian Hasan Minhaj at the offices of "Patriot Act," his new weekly satirical news show that debuts on Oct. 28, 2018, on Netflix, in New York, Sept. 27, 2018. (The New York Times)

Hasan Mihaj hopes that by the time his daughter is 18, “she can unapologetically be herself. And she doesn’t have to qualify things about her identity or upbringing or who she is.”

The 34-year-old host of Netflix’s “Patriot Act’ made this and other honest revelations on Vanity Fair’s first episode of “Slow Zoom,” where he answered “increasingly personal questions, ranging from the most embarrassing thing he’s done to fit in to his biggest career regrets,” even his SAT score.

He began the session by admitting his dislike for Los Angeles. “I truly hate LA with a passion,” he said. “I love New York because it’s the one city where it’s not defined by one monolithic industry.” He also confessed that he’s been mistaken for other desi celebs.

“Whoever’s popping at the time and has melanin, I’ve been confused for them,” he said. “There’s a minute when I was Dev Patel, and there’s another minute when I was Riz Ahmed.”

Other things he disclosed were his career regrets, being embarrassed of his sari-wearing grandmother in public and why he no longer owns a black Toyota Camry. He said he got rid of it “because people kept getting in the car thinking I was their Uber driver.”

He also touched upon arranged marriages. “In desi culture, arranged marriage is just the expectation,” he said. “But it definitely got me to believe in the power of loyalty and putting the collective group over individuality — ‘we’ is more important than ‘me.’” Minhaj, however, didn’t have an arranged marriage. He married Beena Patel in January 2015, whom he had met in college in UC Davis.

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