Seema Verma’s scariest Halloween costume

And while on the topic of Halloween, Seema Verma, administrator for Medicare and Medicaid Services, has chosen this year’s scariest costume. And no it’s not a ghost or a ghoul or anything gory or gross, but a simple T-shirt which says “Medicare for All.” Yes, a simple black T-shirt with white prints was being called scary.

And Verma wasn’t being sarcastic, but was taking a shot at the idea of Medicare for all, a proposal championed by Sen. Bernie Sanders that has been growing in popularity among Democrats. Republicans have been attacking the idea while attempting to defend themselves from a barrage of Democratic attacks over GOP votes to repeal ObamaCare and its protections for people with pre-existing conditions, The Hill reports.

Verma was making a point and followed up with another tweet: “Did I get your attention? Good.” She then went on to explain: “Medicare for All isn’t a joke,” she wrote. “It’s a multi-trillion dollar drain on the American economy that will bankrupt future generations. It’s government controlled health care that will strip choice away from millions. It’s a bad idea,” she added. “And it IS scary.”

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