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Kshama Sawant, a Socialist Alternative party member of Seattle City Council who was re-elected in a hotly contested election, says her victory is a huge popular mandate for progressive policies and gives a very crucial message to people ahead of the presidential election in 2020.

editor's pick featured

On the one side is Amazon, America’s largest corporation with a market cap of $885 billion under the leadership of Jeff Bezos, arguably the richest person in the world. On the other side stands Kshama Sawant, the sole socialist elected to the Seattle City Council, an Indian-American, with reputation as a firebrand who stands her ground.


The drama on both her political and personal battlefields have repeatedly landed Kshama Sawant in the spotlight. On Nov. 1, with a few hundred people at her side, the feisty Indian-American member of the Seattle City Council led an overnight campout at City Hall to demand an end to the city’s “brutal demolition” of unsanctioned encampments of the homeless, actions known as “sweeps.”