Sankara Eye Foundation is now on the path to Vision 2030

Every year brings new challenges and new goals for all of us at Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF) as we make progress towards our mission to eradicate curable blindness. Since inception in 1998, a lot has changed and we have seen unprecedented growth in terms of our reach and goals achieved.

2019 has been a remarkable year in many ways for SEF; we reached a momentous milestone by performing over two million free eye surgeries, we launched partnership with other eligible eye care providers, including building a new hospital with Akhand Jyoti in Bihar, and we have taken challenging goals to raise $4 million by end of this year to meet these ambitious milestones. We are happy to announce that the construction for the four upcoming hospitals is well underway and two of them will be inaugurated in the first half of 2020.

• Indore (Inauguration January 30, 2020)

• Mumbai (Inauguration May/June 2020) 

• Hyderabad and Bihar (2021)

We are now on the path to Vision 2030 — a million free eye surgeries per year. SEF has updated its goals to perform one million free eye surgeries per year. Our current free surgery rate is 200,000 per year and our goal is to take this to one million per year by 2030. This will tremendously arrest the growth of blindness in India. To realize this enormous goal, SEF, USA has started to partner with other eligible eye care hospitals and getting support from like-minded organizations such as IIT-IIT (IITians for Influencing India’s Transformation). By the year 2030, Sankara Eye Foundation, India will perform 500,000 free eye surgeries per year and SEF USA will work with selected partner eye care hospitals to provide an additional 500,000 free eye surgeries per year, making it a total of one million free eye surgeries per year. 

With all the challenging goals, we have maintained the coveted 4–star rating from Charity Navigator once again. This makes itthe seventh time in a row and a total of ten times since 2005.

Charity Navigator is the independent organization that appraises charities based on their financialhealth and commitment to accountability and transparency. Attaining a 4-star rating verifies that SEF exceeds industry standards and demonstrates accountability and trustworthiness.

SEF has been fortunate to have many supporters and generous donors help us with our journey. We will need that continued support as we march towards these ambitious goals.

This holiday season, please help SEF reach the remaining fundraising targets for Indore, Mumbai and Bihar and spread the magic of light to the lives of many more brothers and sisters who are needlessly blind.

Please join us on this journey to eradicate curable blindness. Please visit or call 1866-SANKARA

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