Sujata Day Announced Ambassador for 2019 HBO Visionaries Film Competition

Actress Sujata Day has a new role to play. The "Insecure" actress is serving as the ambassador and spokesperson for the 2019 HBO Visionaries program, a competition that will showcase cinematic storytellers of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. The top three winners will receive cash prizes and the opportunity to premiere their works on HBO. She is featured in an official promo video asking filmmakers to send in their entries for the short film competition. The Indian-American actress is familiar with all aspects of filmmaking — acting, production, writing and directing. "HBO Visionaries is a terrific example of a proactive approach towards addressing Asian American representation," Day said in a statement. "Although we're seeing more APA faces in mainstream films and television these days, it's also important that our stories are being told authentically and that's where this competition comes in." It is a cause close to Day's heart. When Day, who grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, landed in Hollywood, she realized that the South Asian female character roles that came to her were far from interesting, let alone true, she told the Center for Asian American Media. "The roles were all about the name, or about the accent or about what the character was wearing, or smelly curry jokes." Day, who also has an engineering degree, did have opportunities to star in non-stereotypical roles like CeCe in "Awkward Black Girl." Issa Rae's web series, eventually lead Das to HBO's "Insecure," in which she is a recurring character on as an employee at a nonprofit. But along with that she also did what many women of color in Hollywood have previously done. She wrote her own roles, like the short films, "Cowboy and Indian," "Raveena and the Vampire" and "Larry and Lucy." Day's path in Hollywood is a clear indication that she is not afraid of breaking barriers and is paving the way for many South Asian women who want to do the same. The film competition is a step in that direction.

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